Countries & International Research Centres

The members’ table lists the Representatives of Countries & International Research Centres to the Wheat Initiative Institutions’ Coordination Committee and Research Committee.

Institutions' Coordination Committee and Research Committee representatives
Member  Institutions' Coordination Committee (ICC) and 
Research Committee (RC) representatives
Countries Argentina  ICC: Alejandro Ceccatto, President, CONICET
RC:  Viviana Echenique, Marcelo Helguera
Australia  ICC: Brondwen MacLean, Executive Manager Commercial, GRDC
RC:  Eric Huttner, Mark Peoples,
Brazil  ICC: Ladislau Martin Neto, Executive Director for Research and Development, EMBRAPA
RC: Ana C. Albuquerque, Luciano Consoli
Canada  ICC: Gilles Saindon, Assistant Deputy Minister, AAFC
RC:  Curtis Pozniak, Brian Beres
China  ICC: Xueyong Zhang, CAAS
RC:  Zhonghu He, Xueyong Zhang
France  ICC: Jean-François Soussana, Scientific Director, INRA
RC:  Jacques Le Gouis, Pierre Martre
Germany  ICC: Bettina Pellio, Senior Research Management, BMELV
RC: Frank Ordon, Nils Stein
Hungary ICC: Norbert Somogyi, Deputy Director, National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre 
RC: Laszlo Cseuz, Laszlo Lang
India  ICC: Jeet Singh Sandu, Deputy Director General (Crop Science), ICAR
RC:  Gyanendra Patrap, Ravish Chatrat
Ireland  ICC: John Spink, Head of Crop Science Department, Teagasc
RC:  Fiona Doohan, Ewen Mullins
Italy  ICC: Marco Allegrini, European and International Policy Department Secretariat, MiPAAF
RC:  Luigi Cattivelli, Roberto Tuberosa 
Japan  ICC: Masa Iwanaga, President, JIRCAS
RC:  Shunsuke Oda, Hisashi Tsujimoto
Spain  ICC: Paloma Mergarejo, Vice-Director, INIA
RC:  Conceptio Royo Calpe, Josefina Sillero
Turkey  ICC: Yusuf Arslan, Head of Field Crops Research Department, GDAR
RC:  Savas Belen, Hikmet Budak
UK  ICC: Steve Visscher, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer, BBSRC
RC:  Nicholas Harberd
USA  ICC: José M. Costa, National Program Leader - Grain Crops, USDA
RC: Gina Brown-Guedira, Brett Carver
International Research Centres International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) ICC: Martin Kropff, Director General
RC:  Marianne Bänziger
International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Ares (ICARDA) ICC: Michael Baum, BIGM Program and Morocco Platform Director
RC:  Michael Baum

Highlighted in blue are the organisations and companies having signed the Memorandum of Understanding and/or Charter as of December 2014.