Principles of governance

  • Synergy through collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Sharing
  • Inclusivity
  • Engagement

Governance framework

Governance framework

A number of Expert Working Groups feed into the Scientific Board, which liaises with the Research Committee and the Institutions' Coordination Committee.

Research Committee


Oversees the development of the vision and strategy and monitors their implementation

  • Contributes to and approves strategic documents before dissemination
  • Suggests coordination and collaboration in specific areas of research
  • Proposes the constitution of Expert Working Groups, approves chair and co-chair and reviews their outputs
  • Provides updates on national research efforts relevant to the Wheat Initiative
  • Organises a biannual International Wheat Genetics Symposium


  • One national representative per country (scientific leader), appointment duration three years (renewable), individual countries to set nomination process for that country, act as a first point of contact for the country for research issues, represent the collective view of wheat researchers for their country
  • One representative from transnational research organisations
  • One representative per private company and stakeholder


Institutions’ Coordination Committee


Implements recommendations made by the Research Committee

  • Provides information on national and transnational funding programmes
  • Receives and discuss reports on wheat research strategic orientations and their funding needs
  • Coordinates funding to add value to national investments
  • Approves the annual budget of the Wheat Initiative and its execution
  • Proposes the constitution of Expert Working Groups, approves chair and co-chair and reviews their outputs


  • One representative of funding agencies and research organisations per participating country
  • One representative per transnational funding organisations
  • World Bank, UN and FAO invited as observers


Scientific Board


Provides strategic leadership of the Wheat Initiative and develops vision, strategy and priority documents

  • Identifies new members and proposes their membership to the Institutions’ Coordination Committee
  • Liaises with the Institutions’ Coordination Committee, the Research Committee and the Expert Working Groups
  • Organises a biannual International Wheat Research Conference in coordination with International Wheat Genetic Symposium and International Wheat Conference
  • Appoints the International Scientific Coordinator


  • Eight members elected by the Research Committee plus the International Scientific Coordinator
  • The Scientific Board now comprises:
  • P. Langridge (Chair, Australia)
  • C. Pozniak (Co-Chair, Canada)
  • H. Braun (CIMMYT)
  • H. Handa (Japan)
  • G. Tranquilli (Argentina)
  • G. Moore (UK)
  • R.K. Sharma (India)
  • C. Tapsell (KWS)
  • The International Scientific Coordinator (Hélène Lucas)


  • As required (at least twice a year)
  • 1st Scientific Board face-to-face meeting, March 22, 2014, Ciudad Obregón – Mexico
  • Minutes (PDF 166KB)
  • 1st Interim Scientific Board meeting, June 29-30, 2012, Fargo - USA
  • Minutes (PDF 189KB)
  • 2nd Interim Scientific Board meeting, January 14, 2013, San Diego - USA
  • Minutes (PDF 270KB)

Expert Working Groups


Delivers advice and recommendations addressing specific research or organisation priorities to the Research Committee and/or Institutions' Coordination Committee

  • Initiated and approved by Research Committee or by Institutions’ Coordinating Committee


  • Chair and co-chair approved by the Research Committee
  • Composition decided by chair


  • When a particular topic of direct relevance to the Wheat Initiative would benefit from bringing together experts in that field
  • Established for an initial defined period
  • Organised consortia addressing wheat research challenges can be endorsed by the Wheat Initiative as EWGs
  • Proposals for the establishment of EWGs can be sent all year round to the International Scientific Coordinator ( using the EWG pro-forma (DOC 120KB)


  • As required

International Scientific Coordinator and Secretariat

International Scientific Coordinator

  • Day-to day management of the Wheat Initiative
  • Supports development of the vision and strategy
  • Represents the Wheat Initiative externally
  • Oversees the establishment, population and management of the website
  • Prepares and executes the budget
  • Organises meetings, provides secretariat and support to Committees
  • Manages the Secretariat


  • Organises and provides administrative support for meetings
  • Assists Coordinator with budget
  • Maintains the Wheat Initiative website
  • Maintains an international database of wheat scientists
  • Facilitates communications and outreach activities
  • Ensures administrative continuity of the Wheat Initiative

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