Reports and documents related to the Wheat Initiative:

Wheat Initiative Draft Strategic Research Agenda (PDF 1,8MB)

Wheat Initiative Annual Report 2013 (PDF 1MB)

An international vision for wheat improvement (PDF 819KB) - May 2013

The Wheat Initiative Vision Document was launched during the Wheat Initiative press conference on May 16, 2013 in Paris, France.

Download the press kit (PDF 2.6MB).

Wheat Initiative Annual Report 2012 (PDF 189KB)

Wheat Initiative progress report May 2012 (PDF 646KB) - May 2012
Latest progress update, prepared by Hélène Lucas (INRA), International Scientific Coordinator of the Wheat Initiative. The update provides brief details of progress made in recruiting members, the Scientific Board, establishing the Committees (Research and Institutions Coordination Committee), the Expert Working Groups and governance.

Wheat Initiative kick-off meeting (PDF 210KB) - September 2011
The official launch of the Wheat Initiative took place in Paris in September 2011. The event was attended by representatives from 24 countries, and included scientists, policy makers, funding agency staff, industrialists and other stakeholders. The Executive Summary of the meeting describes the opening presentations and the major points of discussion (topics to be covered by the Wheat Initiative and membership fees). A list of attendees is also included.

G20 Ministerial declaration (PDF 177KB) - June 2011

G20 Proposal (PDF 261KB) - June 2011
At a meeting of the G20 Agriculture Ministers in Paris in June 2011, it was agreed to launch an "International Research Initiative for Wheat Improvement (IRIWI)", as part of the overall Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture. This document outlines the broad objectives of IRIWI and sets out the first steps in establishing the global initiative. (IRIWI was subsequently renamed the Wheat Initiative.)

Executive summaries and minutes from meetings of the Wheat Initiative committees are listed, when available, on the Governance page:

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