The Wheat Initiative welcomes new Members wishing to contribute to the development and implementation of its Strategic Research Agenda. The Wheat Initiative success depends upon the engagement of the global wheat community and it is therefore important that all countries and companies interested/involved in wheat research are represented in the Wheat Initiative Committees by becoming Members.

Two key Committees oversee the operations of the Wheat Initiative: the Research Committee (RC) - in which sit two representatives per Public and Private Members - and the Institutions’ Coordination Committee (ICC) - in which sit one high-level representative for the Public Members (Ministry, funding/research organisation). See who are the current Public and Private Members of the Wheat Initiative and learn more about what the Committees do.

The following steps are required to become a Member:

  1. Designation of representatives to the Wheat Initiative Research Committee and Institutions’ Coordination Committee
    • For Public Members: by the Ministry of Agriculture or any relevant Ministry. The Ministry may also choose to designate a research/funding institution from his country to designate the national representatives to the Wheat Initiative
    • For Private Members: by the CEO, President, or any relevant person
  2. Formal approval of new membership by the Institutions’ Coordination Committee
  3. Signature of Annex 1 to the Wheat Initiative Charter by the new Member and the Wheat Initiative managing institution
  4. Payment of annual membership fees covering the Wheat Initiative management
    • Public Member
      • G20/OECD member states: €10,000
      • International Agricultural Research Centers: €5,000
      • Others (non-G20 and non-OECD member States and non-International Agricultural Research Centres): €2,000
    • Private member
      • With an annual turnover larger than €500M: €20,000
      • Between €500-50M: €10,000
      • Under €50M: €5,000

Designated representatives to the RC and ICC are invited to participate to the relevant Committee’s meetings as observers until signature of the Charter. The status of observer may be extended up to 18 months.

For more information about the process, please contact the Wheat Initiative International Scientific Coordinator