Consultation on the draft SRA

July 27 - 2015

The Strategic Research Agenda contributes towards the global food security challenge by identifying priorities, game-changers and underlying priorities that will allow the efficient delivery of improved wheat varieties. To ensure that the challenges, research needs and priorities identified in the Wheat Initiative SRA are appropriate, we launched an online survey open to all Wheat Initiative members as well as non-member countries. The survey remained open from January 20 until April 30, 2015, and its outcomes were incorporated when possible into the final version of the SRA by a task-force comprising representatives from the Scientific Board, the Research Committee and the Institutions’ Coordination Committee of the Wheat Initiative.

The consultation targeted all organisational stakeholders interested in the development of wheat research, including public and private research organisations/programmes, funding agencies, extension services, farmers organisations and industry. Everyone's contribution has ensured that the global wheat research priorities identified within the final SRA have the necessary endorsement to enable the Wheat Initiative to work towards implementation and wider support in the years to come by public and private research organisations.

A summary of the answers together with a list of the contributing stakeholders is available here (PDF 802 KB).

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