The Expert Working Group on Durum Wheat Genomics and Breeding aims to bring together and synergize the activities of those stakeholders interested in promoting (i) specific research actions focused on improving durum wheat productivity and quality and (ii) collaborations with the scientific community active in genomics of bread wheat.

The proposal to establish an Expert Working Group on Durum Wheat Genomics and Breeding was submitted by Luigi Cattivelli (Agricultural Research Council (CRA), Italy) and Roberto Tuberosa (University of Bologna, Italy). The Research Committee endorsed the creation of an EWG on Durum Wheat Genomics and Breeding in July 2013 for an initial period of 4 years.

Co-Chairs: Luigi Cattivelli, Roberto Tuberosa
Vice-Chairs: Jason Able, Karim Ammar

Call for Experts
The call for experts will remain open during the EWG lifetime. Any expert wishing to participate in the Durum Wheat Genomics and Breeding Expert Working Group should complete the application form and send it via email to wheat.initiative@julius-kuehn.de.


Other informal meetings with smaller groups of members have taken place during late 2013 and early 2014.

Annual reports
2014 (PDF 258 KB)
2015 (PDF 440KB)
2016 (PDF 415 KB)

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