The Wheat Initiative is working to support the Expert Working Groups (EWGs) in their endeavours to further develop international research programs and projects, which involves collaborating with numerous partners around the globe.

Furthermore, the Wheat Initiative has established an Education and Training Fund, which provides researchers with the opportunity to further develop their research regarding wheat.


Supporting Funding Which Assists Researchers from Developing Regions
Please continue to visit this page, as the Wheat Initiative will update it with other useful funding mechanisms.


Mechanisms of the Funding Expert Working Group

The Funding Expert Working Group (FEWG) aims to support the Wheat Initiative’s Expert Working Groups (EWGs) by sharing information regarding available mechanisms and funding opportunities for international science collaboration and coordination. The FEWG will work closely with other EWGs to assist them in accessing and developing various coordination and funding mechanisms that will be necessary for the Wheat Initiative to deliver its goals and mandate.

The concept note to establish the FEWG was submitted by Robert Patzer (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) and was endorsed by the Wheat Initiative’s Institutions’ Coordination Committee in July 2018. The call for experts will remain open during the EWG’s lifetime. Any expert wishing to participate in the Funding EWG should inquire about the application form by sending an email to

Overview of Available Funding Opportunities

We also encourage budding researchers, distinguished experts, and other members of the international wheat community to consider applying for the various funding opportunities offered by entities such as the European Union and the United Nations.

Please note that more information will be coming soon.