MIAPPE v1.1 release

January 31 - 2019

MIAPPE version 1.1, an updated specification of the Minimal Information About a Plant Phenotyping Experiment, has been officially released, following consideration of responses to two requests for comments. Major developments over v1.0 include:

  • The extension of MIAPPE’s scope to accommodate woody plants as an additional use-case

  • The specification of a data model for MIAPPE, to facilitate its implementation in various formats and enable its automatic validation.

  • Compatibility of the MIAPPE logical standard with common frameworks for representing these data types, namely ISA-Tools and the Plant Breeding API (BrAPI).

  • The enrichment of MIAPPE, with the provision of clear definitions and examples for all fields.


The MIAPPE description is available both as pdf and xls format.

We are currently writing a paper describing the new version for publication.  All those who contributed to the work will be asked if they wish to participate as authors in the near future.


Meanwhile, further improvements can be suggested via miappe-feedback@ebi.ac.uk. Work is now commencing on the next version of MIAPPE, v2.0.  Development is at an early stage and all contributions are welcome.


Best wishes,

on behalf of the MIAPPE Steering Committee


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