This Expert Working Group focuses on the development of a Wheat Information System (Wheat IS).

An expert committee, led by Hadi Quesneville (INRA, France) and Mario Caccamo (TGAC, UK), initially produced a survey analysis of wheat research community needs. They submitted a proposal to set up a Wheat Initiative Expert Working Group and develop a Wheat Information System (WheatIS) which was endorsed by the RC in January 2013.

The topic was considered as a top priority by the Institutions’ Coordination Committee (ICC) in November 2012 and the proposal was endorsed by the Research Committee (RC) in January 2012. At the request of the RC, different scenarios were provided to clarify timeframes and required means to achieve the goals described in the EWG proposal. ICC members agreed on May 15, 2013, the terms of the overall project and encouraged the EWG proposers to implement it without any further delay. The project started with TGAC (UK) and URGI (France) as leading WheatIS nodes progressively includes other nodes. The Research Data Alliance will contribute to the development of the WheatIS.

A revised version of the Wheat IS project as well as an action plan were produced by the EWG following its second meeting.

Call for Experts
The call for experts will remain during the EWG lifetime. Any expert wishing to participate to the WheatIS Expert Working Group should complete the application form and send it via email to wheat.initiative@julius-kuehn.de.


Chair: Taner Sen

Co-Chair: Hadi Quesneville, Mario Caccamo, David Edwards


  • 13 January 2017, San Diego, USA

  • 11-13 October 2016, Munich, Germany

  • 9 January 2015, San Diego, USA 

  • 13 January 2014, San Diego, USA

  • 2-3 December 2013, Versailles, France