The Associate Programme on Wheat Plant and Crop Modelling aims to facilitate linkages between crop modellers, physiologists and breeders to improve global wheat production.

It will organise workshops to bring together these experts to discuss and advance wheat models to support model-assisted wheat improvement. The programme will identify gaps in experimental data and crop physiological knowledge and explore pathways to improve global wheat production through linking crop modelling and crop physiology with plant breeding.


The proposal to establish an Expert Working Group first was submitted by Senthold Asseng (University of Florida, USA), Frank A Ewert (Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation, University of Bonn, Germany) and Pierre Martre (National Institute for Agricultural Research, France), and was endorsed for an initial 2-year period by the Wheat Initiative Research Committee at their 2nd meeting on September 14, 2013.

Call for Experts

The call for experts will remain open during the EWG lifetime. Any expert wishing to participate in the Wheat Plant and Crop Modeling Expert Working Group should complete the application form and return it via email wheat.initiative@julius-kuehn.de.


Chair: Senthold Asseng
Vice-Chairs: Scott Chapman, Frank Ewert, Pierre Martre


  • 8-11 May, 2017 - Rugao, China

  • 27 June 2016 - Montpellier, France

  • 14 March 2016 - Berlin, Germany

  • 24 February  2015 - Gainesville, USA

  • 4 November 2014 - Long Beach, USA

  • 24-26 June 2014 - Clermont Ferrand, France