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Wheat Initiative at a Glance

Created in 2011 following endorsement from the G20 Agriculture Ministries, the Wheat Initiative provides a framework to establish strategic research and organisation priorities for wheat research at the international level in both developed and developing countries.

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Expert Working Groups

Expert Working Groups (EWGs) are established where there would be benefit from bringing together experts with a focus on a topic of relevance to the Wheat Initiative’s aims and objectives. The Wheat Initiative provides EWGs with a platform for discussion, information sharing and interaction to identify and address specific research and organisational challenges.

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We are in the process of acquiring funding for future projects regarding wheat research, sustainable development, and international food security.

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Wheat VIVO and Wheat IS

Two projects aimed at building an International Wheat Information System and open access web portal to support the global wheat research community. The main objective is to provide a single-access web base system to access to the available data resources and bioinformatics tools.

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2018 Annual Report

Dedicated to Wheat Research, Food Security, and Sustainable Development.

Wheat Initiative would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our work as a framework for international wheat research and our efforts to support the implementation and development of the Wheat Initiative Strategic Research Agenda.